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A list of the essential camp gear for any camping experience

If you are the person who has always loved the outdoors and enjoyed the wilderness, your body and soul will be craving for camping experience. Certainly, camping will free you from the complications of your normal day to day life and will give you the finest of what the nature and the outdoors has to offer.

If you are a beginner or not, you will always have questions about what gear to carry with you so that you can avoid all the trouble that you will have to face during the camping trip and also to uplift the overall experience that you gain with camping. These are the outdoor equipment Singapore you should certainly carry with you to enhance your camping experience:

Hiking boots

If you are heading on a camping trip with a hike in mind, you should certainly take your hiking boots with you. Your normal shoes will be okay for most of the time but when you have hiking boots, your feet will not feel the pressure of your walk and it will make over the hurdles on the way much easier. Hiking boots are designed to bring about stability and support to your feet also that you will comfortable the entire time. The ankle support that comes with these shoes will also extraordinary.

Don’t forget the first aid kit

In the wilderness, there are a lot of things that could injure you. Some of the essentials that you should have in the first aid kit are bandages, gauze, aspirins, etc. Moreover, you can also carry creams and other essentials depending on the type of the camping trip that you are heading on. Having a first aid kit will help you be healthy and treat any injuries that happen to you when camping.

A source of light

Keep in mind that there won’t be light in the wild. You have to supply your own. If you are in complete dark, you will not be able to do anything when the darkness falls. Also, if you don’t have a proper source of lighting, you will not feel safe in the wilderness. Therefore, it is a must that you carry a source of light such as a headlamp or  flash light.

Water filtration system

When you are in the wild, you are not given the guarantee that you will get clean water. Drinking water that is not clean can cause issues to your health. Therefore, carrying a water filtration system with you guarantees that you can drink the water that you find in the wilderness without having any worries.




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