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6 Most Popular Sports in Australia

People today are advocates of a healthy and fit body. Aside from exercise and diet, another way to keep your body at its best is through playing sports. Almost everyone nowadays knows how to play a sport or two, whether they practice it regularly or not. Different sports vary in popularity depending on the region or country. If you’re curious about what sports Australians love, read along to know more.


Cricket is known as the most popular sport Australians love. Many Aussies love playing cricket during warm summer months and they can do it on the beach, park, picnic spots, or anywhere that has adequate space. If you’re simply a fan, you can still enjoy the sport by watching tournaments and matches.

Australian Football

Australian football, also called as footy, is one of the earliest and most popular sports in this country. The sport is practically a religion for those living in Victoria and is also very much popular on Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. The codes of this game vary depending on the region where you’re at. If you’re planning to catch the game of one of your favourite teams, be sure to visit Australia between the months of March and September. For a hassle free purchase, buy AFL tickets 2019 in advance, especially when you’re a tourist from a faraway place.


Tennis is another popular sport on Aussies. International tennis tournaments are held every January in Australia which leads to the Australian Open after some time. Both men and women are allowed to join the tournaments, so everyone has equal chances of winning. Male tennis players play on the Australian Open while most female players practice their skills for the Moorilla Hobart International.

Car Racing

It may sound unusual but car racing is a trending sport in Australia. They love car racing so much that there are plenty of racing events held in a year basis. The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is held every March. You can also witness the Nikon SuperGP during October. Australia is one of the top destinations for both car racers and fans alike.


Australia’s wide open fields are home to thousands of golf courses. Golf is a common leisure sport by Aussies. There’s no need to worry if you’re still starting out how to play since there are plenty of golf courses to choose from – both private and public. You can even choose a course whether it’s for beginners or experts. Most golf courses are connected with resorts so you can stay in a comfortable place while you play the sport.


Marathons are really popular in Australia. If you want to join, you get to choose to run either a 10 km or 5 km race. The Great Ocean Road International Marathon is held in May while the Gold Course Airport Marathon is held in June. Marathon runners from all over the globe flock to this country to take part in these memorable events.

There is really a huge difference in popularity of sports between Australia and other countries. If you’re planning to visit this place, you already have an idea what events to look forward to or what sports to play to be in.

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