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Things You Need to Get Started with Golf

Golf is a great sport that is really fun and rewarding once you start to get to know the basics. Aside from that, it is also a good hobby you could do on your relaxing times since it is not that physical unlike other sports. If you’re still a beginner golfer, one of the first questions that would come up is, what are the basic gears you need to get started? To help you out, here are the basic golf gears that you should prepare first to have a smooth start with this sport.

Golf Club

A golf club is really essential when playing golf. This gear is used to hit the ball until it reaches the goal. Without a golf club, it would just be like plain walking on the golf course. However, there are different types of golf clubs and as a beginner, it might be confusing which one to choose.

For beginners, you only need to have at least 7 types of clubs in your bag – wedge, putter, driver, 3-wood, 5 iron, 7 iron, and 9 iron. With these clubs, you can surely improve the quality of your swing with more time and experience. You could ask an expert to help you find the right club for you based on its shaft, club head, and grip.

Golf Balls and Tees

Aside from the golf club, you could play golf without a ball and a tee. It’s normal for newbie golfers to go through a lot of golf balls as you’re still practicing your moves. You could save up a lot when you buy slightly used golf balls especially when you’re still practicing. It is also good to have a lot of golf tees available during the game. If you’re looking for something more durable, go for plastic tees instead than other materials.

Golf Bag

Since you’ll be carrying a lot of clubs, balls and tees in your game, you need a strong a reliable golf bag to hold them all. There are two types to choose from: a carry bag and a cart bag. Carry bags are lighter but have legs that support it to stand when you need to put it down and make a shot. Because of its light design, it is perfect for those who want to walk the golf course.

However, you can also make your work lighter by investing in an electric push golf cart. You can still get to walk the golf course without hurting your back carrying a heavy golf bag. On the other hand, cart bags are larger and more spacious than carry bags but they tend to be heavier. If you’re planning to ride a cart, this bag is just the right one for you.

Those were just the basic equipment you need to start playing golf. Aside from those, you should also prepare other gears for a better golfing experience such as a good pair of golf shoes and proper golf attire. Once you have these essentials, you can now start practicing and enjoy your new sport.

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